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Safeguarding Policy

Sycamore Hall Preparatory School
Safeguarding Policy

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School Emergency Plan

Sycamore Hall is committed to ensuring that, in the event of a Major Emergency or
incident, the School will provide an effective Emergency response to minimise the impact
of the Emergency and ensure the wellbeing and safety of all children and adults in the
school’ care.
An Emergency incident or crisis can be clarified as an unexpected event which affects the
school community, and which causes disruption on a scale, which is beyond the normal
coping capacity of the School. The Emergency incident may involve significant threat,
damage or injury to property and individuals.

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions

This policy has been adopted to support the welfare and safety of the children
attending Sycamore Hall School. Sycamore Hall School complies fully with the
statutory guidance outlined in ‘Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions’
and the legislation outlined in the Children and Families Act 2014, section 100.

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Visitors to School Policy

This guidance is intended to help schools manage visitors in a way that ensures the safety
of children and adults on the school site. Responsibility for this lies with the head teacher.

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