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Picture shows an example of a year 1 students handwriting work.

Reception & Key Stage 1

A high priority is placed upon the core subjects of  literacy and numeracy which is taught on a daily basis.

In literacy, phonics are taught daily and the children are introduced to the ‘look, say, cover, write, check’ method to learn weekly spellings. The children read to the teacher on a daily basis.

Emphasis is also placed on grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure and punctuation, along with creative writing and writing styles.

Number work is taught daily with emphasis on addition, subtraction and multiplication, then division. Also measurement, telling time, fractions, shapes, money, weight, data handling and display.

Other subjects include Topic, Science, History, French, ICT, Music, World About Us, PSHE / RSE, Art and Technology, P.E. and Handwriting.

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Key Stage 2

 Throughout the school day the children will be involved in independent, paired or grouped activities.

Reading, Literacy and Maths are taught on a daily basis. Strong emphasis is placed on grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and spelling.

Again, Maths is taught on a daily basis with particular emphasis on Mental Maths and problem solving work including Algebra.

Other subjects include Science, ICT, Verbal Reasoning, French, German, History, Geography, Art and Technology, Music, P.E., Current Affairs, Topic, World Religions and Handwriting.

For all age groups, School trips are frequently organised to compliment the learning experience, such as to the Jorvik Viking Centre, Eden Camp and Conisbrough Castle.

Image shows an example of some of the Shakespeare topic from key stage 2.
The school's coat of arms: a shield design with a  sycamore tree on navy background surrounded by the school's motto "Floreat Arbor Scientiae"

Quote from our 2022 Ofsted report:


"Fostering a love of reading is a high priority in this school. Staff understand the specific reading needs of each of their pupils. Teachers ensure that there is additional support available for the small minority of pupils who find reading with fluency more challenging. Reading sits at the very heart of the curriculum in all subjects. Pupils have the opportunity to read a wealth of high-quality texts. They talk about the books they have read with enthusiasm. They show an impressive depth of knowledge. The wider curriculum continues to include a range of experiences for all pupils. There are high expectations and a carefully planned curriculum in all subjects. The curriculum is exciting and encourages pupils to want to know more."

Sycamore Hall

School Trips


Dance & Drama


Regular educational visits are made to extend pupils’ experiences, some past trips have included;

York Chocolate Story, Conibrough Castle, Chatsworth House, Blue John Cavern and many more.

We also have an annual trip to see a traditional Pantomime at Christmas and regularly visit the local church for activities and community fundraising. 


The school premises are used to enrich the curriculum by making effective use of the garden, the pond and wildlife, including the pet cats and fish. Extra-curricular activities are provided after school. They include use of the piano, traditional toys, film club, chess club and gardening.

The whole school performs an annual stage production in the style of a traditional Christmas pantomime. All pupils have to opportunity to participate in costume design, choreography and acting. It is a much loved tradition at Sycamore Hall and is looked forward to each year.

In the spring children perform traditional Maypole dances and give presentations of the terms work at one of our open days. 

The school provides a variety of sporting opportunities for pupils and makes effective use of local facilities. We often walk to the local recreation centre and field where pupils can participate in tennis, football, cross country running and athletic skills.

At the end of summer we hold a sports day. Parents are invited to watch the children compete in traditional events including favourites such as, the three legged race, sack race and crackerjack. The parent's race and tug of war are a highlight and can get a bit competitive! 

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