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Sycamore Hall is a well established school that has been running for over 45 years. Many of the pupils who attended in the early days of the school have since retuned as parents with their own children as students. 

Please take the time to read some of the testimonials, if you are an ex-pupil we would love to hear from you. Even better if you have some old picture we can share! 

Tracey E.

Excellent School would highly recommend it my son attended here for 5 special years.

Jack R.

I left Sycamore Hall 8 years ago, ready for what was to come for my future great school brilliant for any child who loves to act as they make a great play at the end of terms, May Day, days out to swim every week, school trips, fun days there are lots of things that I learnt and also having fun at the same time, all schools need to be more like Sycamore. 

Fern B.

As well as providing great academic schooling they teach manners, respect and essential life skills. They say you can't teach common sense, well they do at Sycamore! I honestly think I learned more here than all my other education put together. Most importantly I loved every minute. I can't wait for my girl to start next September. I wouldn't want her anywhere else.

Eve J.

I really miss coming to your sports days, had such wonderful times. These experiences mirror all of the amazing experiences that my family had while my youngest attended Sycamore Hall.

If you want a first class preparatory education, then look no further.

Clarrisa J.

An amazing place for children to learn xx

Abbie B.

Absolutely recommend Sycamore Hall, one of the best schools by far! I absolutely loved and enjoyed myself so much when I was there. The Christmas school plays were so amazing and enjoyable.

Eve B.

It was the best choice I ever made to send my child to Sycamore Hall. Small classes, individual education programs to meet the needs of children. My son has made amazing progress academically, socially and emotionally, and is a wonderfully rounded young man. 

The teachers are truly wonderful, professional, knowledgeable and caring, always going over, above and beyond to support the children and their families. 

If you are looking for a fantastic all round prep school, Sycamore Hall is certainly my first choice and I cannot recommend them highly enough. 

Students take part in the tug of war at Sports Day.
Sycamore Hall cannot be beaten. It is the best foundation, in the country without a doubt!

Bernie M.

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